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Our pharmacies have a wide range of products and services

From prescription medicine to sunglasses, Amarsee Pharmacy has it all. See below for more details of the products and services we provide.

Over counter medication

If you have a prescription you need filled, then take it to the nearest Amarsee Pharmacy . We will provide you with a prompt service with a comfortable waiting area. We will advise you on correct dosage and all you need to know about what you will be taking.

Professional medical advice

Our medical experts will be able to give you all the advise you need. We can advise you on dosage, benefits of certain alternatives and other general information. We often advise clients of alternative cheaper brands of medication, as we always like to save our customers money.

Vitamins and supplements

If you are into body building or playing sport you might be interested in our range of supplements. We have a wide range of protein, creatine and amino acids to help you recover after a strenuous work out. We have medication to help prevent cramping over long runs and much more. Here at Amarsee Pharmacy we also have a wide range of vitamins and minerals to help if you have a vitamin deficiency. Whatever the reason, we have all you need to get that bit healthier.

Other products

We provide a wide range of other products including:
  • Blood pressure & diabetes monitors
  • Gifts & greeting cards
  • Baby products
  • Cosmetics, toiletries and hair accessories
  • Homeopathic supplements
Medicine on shelves, pharmacy Otara

Other services

We also have a large range of other services including:
  • Digital imaging
  • Passport photos
  • Ear & nose piercing
  • VIP Club
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